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Google Ads Exact Match Update!

Why Is The Exact Match Update a Big Deal?

Exact match has been a good friend to Google Ads users for quite some time.

The recent announcement in June in regards to the update we received from Google is that exact match keywords, although may be the same at the core, will now show when search queries share the same words of a particular keyword in any apparent order.

Instead of entering [your keyword] it now may be able to appear in the SERP as [keyword your].

Due to continued automation in the new Google Ads UI, automation is becoming more & more relevant in the targeting options that we have as advertisers.

Changing the intent behind the exact match tells us that Google has collected enough search data to be able to predict what combinations of keywords obtain the most relevant traffic. For advertisers who model their campaigns by the single keyword ad group outline, just know that your keywords can appear in different orders then what you may have intended.

How Do We Get Relevant Results Without True Exact Match?

It is going to be more crucial than ever to pay attention to your search query report to see what the AI functions are actually turning into as keywords.

At the same time, don’t be too worried. For Google to make a change as big as this, we have got to believe that they have acquired enough information from EVERY vertical on the planet in order for us to further put trust into their hands.

We need to make sure that we are paying close attention to the “function words” that Google assumes are relevant to the keywords that we are competing in the auction for.

Below are snapshots from Google in regards to how these changes will affect the search engine results.

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